Dance With Your Heart

Giovanna Trimpe

Terry Foster
Giovanna is the Chef for the St. Peters in Chains Cathedral and other parishes in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. She is the author of Holy Chow and Holy Chow Gluten free cookbooks.

She has had regular guest appearances on Channels 19, 12, and 9. Giovanna has also appeared as a special guest on EWTN ETERNAL WORD TELEVISION NETWORK with Pepe Alonso on his show worldwide NUESTRA FE EN VIVO. She has given cooking demonstrations at CincItalia every year since 2010. 

During the last 5 years she has done numerous cooking demonstrations in Libraries and on TV. She has also given 8 course meals for 8 people to different charitable organizations. She has raised over $150,000 for those organizations.

She tells her history in her book like this, "Everyone has a story to tell. Mine centers around God, family and the kitchen. It's one of my eclectic influences and unorthodox ingredients. It's a lifetime of cooking that I think you may find interesting."

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